Man, film lights sure are bright these days. It’s crazy to see just how many lumens modern LED lights can provide nowadays, and this new super-bright professional photo and video LED from Maxima is another super-powerful option that every video pro should consider when looking to light their next projects.

With a crazy 68,000 lm of output and weighing less than 10 pounds (four kilograms or 8.8 lbs to be exact), this new Maxima 6 GaN should give filmmakers plenty of options for shooting in the most versatile of situations with its all-weather resistant and silent-to-operate design.

Let’s take a look at the Maxima 6 GaN to see if it might be right for you.

The Maxima 6 GaN

Designed to be the new “gold standard” for working DPs and video and photo pros, the Italy-based company Maxima has really outdone itself with its latest offering. As a super-bright LED that promises true color accuracy, extreme portability, completely silent operation, and some quality power efficiency, the Maxima 6 GaN should be a popular choice for working DPs in Europe or across the globe.

The Maxima 6 GaN also looks to be quite easy to use as it will also be controllable with controls on the unit itself, as well as wirelessly via Maxima’s app, which can command up to eight units simultaneously when out in the field.

MaximaCredit: Maxima

68,000 Lumens and Gallium Nitride Circuitry

The power draw, in particular, is quite a feat of engineering for such a powerful light (whose 68,000 lm are the equivalent of almost 60 W incandescent lightbulbs combined it should be worth noting) as the Maxima 6 is set to be the world’s first light to be driven by Gallium Nitride circuitry (which is where the GaN name comes from).

All told this new Maxima 6 GaN is offering some crazy new levels of lux-to-weight ratio which should make it popular for run-and-gun and tricky outdoor setups thanks to its weather-resistant design and CRI color rendition.

Maxima6Credit: Maxima

Specs and Pricing

You can check out the full array of specifications on Maxima’s website here, but overall this Maxima 6 GaN should be more efficient than silicon lights and spend less energy, making it one of the more efficient systems with a higher power density on the market.

  • Light Source: Full-spectrum 5600K° daylight COB LED
  • Luminous Output: 69000 lumens
  • Color rendition R9: 98.3 (extended CRI) – 94 R9 (red) – 97 R12 (blue)
  • Color rendition TLCI: 99
  • Engine: Maxima GaNPOWER
  • Processor: 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7
  • Optical system: Profoto, Bowens, and Arri QLM mounts
  • Cooling: Patented UltraCore full copper, 54 forged fins

Price: 2,999 euros (or about $3,336)

How do you feel about this Maxima 6 GaN LED and its super-bright potential? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.