Get Great B-Roll with This Tiny Action Camera

Insta360 Go 2 in its multi-functional case Credit: TechRadar
From underwater shots to BTS footage, this tiny camera gives you options.

At nearly one ounce in weight and roughly the size of a thumb, the Insta360 Go 2 might be the perfect action camera for your toolkit. This tiny and mighty action camera is everything you need for quick and on-the-go footage.

We looked at the Insta360 Go 2 during its release earlier this year, so check out its full specs over at this post! But what unique things can you do with the camera?

The second-generation Go camera from Insta360 provides higher-quality footage while allowing you to take this camera with you almost anywhere. The case also acts as a navigation tool for the camera’s settings and can transform into a tiny tripod. When filming with the action camera in its home base, the battery life can last up to 150 minutes compared to the 30 minutes of runtime the camera has on its own.  

Since the Go 2 is smaller than the average pinky finger, the camera can achieve angles that normal or traditional cameras can’t. Daniel Schiffer was able to achieve a shot of a bagel going into a toaster by placing the action camera into the unplugged toaster.

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The Insta360 app provides previews of your shot, a toolbar to alter the settings of the camera, and a monitor to watch a playback of your footage. The only negative to using the Insta360 app and the Pro Video mode at the same time is that it drains the battery of the camera pretty quickly. 

The camera has a wide-angle lens that emulates shots similar to a probe lens shot, but for a significantly lower price.

It also has a magnetic back that allows it to attach to its accessories with ease. This is a good option for getting creative shots—slap the camera on a knife for a unique perspective, ride with it on your bicycle, or maybe use it as a safe and simple car mount. You can also clip it right to your T-shirt or hat and go hands-free for POV shots. The Go 2 has a built-in stabilizer and horizon lock feature that produces leveled and stable footage. 

This camera is priced at $299.99.

This is the smallest action camera on the market at the moment, and it’s a great portable camera for any filmmaker to use. Whether you are using it for a BTS on a project, filming an action sport, or creating a film with the Go 2, you can ensure the footage will be better than an iPhone, but not as great as a professional camera. 

If you're in the market for an action camera, we also rank the best in our Gear Guide.

What's your favorite action camera? Let us know in the comments.     

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I like the Hero 9 Black, despite the added size, as I feel the video quality makes it worth the bulk. It shoots great 5k and the only issue is you need to grade it, usually even when not matching it to something, as they still have nothing between "pops a lot" and "flat". How hard would it be to add "Natural" between the two?

Though do note adding ND filters to slow the shutter speed will reduce the quality of the hypersmooth stabilisation if hand/helmet/etc-holding. I personally prefer the 5k linear levelling mode for video.

Neat trick - when filming Coy (or whatever) swimming in a pond just plunge your hand in to get an underwater shot (checking you did the battery compartments' door up properly first, oh and that you are holding the Hero and not an Alexa mini).

August 7, 2021 at 3:50AM