Starting in May, Meta, Facebook, Threads, and Instagram will begin to label AI-created photos and videos. Meta's blog announced this change. Each of these AI-generated pieces of content will say “Made with AI” underneath.

They're going to automate this process and that it will be able to identify these things moving forward as well.

The blog states, “In the last four years, and particularly in the last year, people have developed other kinds of realistic AI-generated content like audio and photos, and this technology is quickly evolving.”

It goes on to summarize, "We agree with the Oversight Board’s recommendation that providing transparency and additional context is now the better way to address manipulated media and avoid the risk of unnecessarily restricting freedom of speech, so we’ll keep this content on our platforms so we can add labels and context."

This is a popular fix, because people have long been worried that this manipulated media could be used to spread disinformation or even to mimic copywritten material.

Meta did their research, the blog also states, "A large majority (82%) favor warning labels for AI-generated content that depicts people saying things they did not say."

I think this is a great step forward in this kind of stuff, especially with a looming presidential election. the fact is, AI is getting better and faster every day. And while many creatives see prospects using these tools for good, they will be used for bad.

Let me know what you think of all this in the comments.