Deadline is reporting that Mission: Impossible 7 has shut down for 14 days due to a positive COVID test for a member of the production. 

"We have temporarily halted production on Mission: Impossible 7 until June 14th," a Paramount spokesperson revealed in a statement. 

It seems like only yesterday Cruise got really really mad about Covid protocols on set. It wasn't yesterday, though—it was back in December. It goes to show you that as things have lightened up in terms of restrictions, no industry is immune from the impact the virus can still have. 

Back when the on-set Cruise rant broke, I wondered aloud on our podcast whether or not that sort of leadership was truly effective. Then again, maybe this incident is proof that Cruise was correct to be that aggressive over the issue, as it can derail things so instantly. 

Either way, we hope everyone recovers, and that as few people as possible are negatively impacted.

Source: Deadline