This Moment 67mm Filter Mount Works with Almost Any Phone

Moment filter mount makes adding filters easy. 

Adding a neutral density (ND) or polarizing filter (CPL) can go a long way in improving image quality. Moment has a 67mm Filter Mount that's designed to fit phones with multiple cameras with or without a case. 

Key Features 

  • Works with Standard 67mm Filters
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Padded Contact Points

The 67mm Filter Mount shape allows it to work with the triple-lens cameras found on the iPhone 11, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4 models as well as Note 9, Galaxy S8, and the OnePlus 6. Generally, any square camera array. However, it doesn't include phones like the Sony Xperia 1 II or Xperia Pro, where the camera array is linear. 

It's made from machined aluminum and clamps securely to the phone without damaging the glass thanks to a padded contact. The tool-less accessory tightens easily to the phone and any standard 67mm filter can be screwed onto the mount. Moment says all outside light will be blocked from going into the filter. It's also wide enough so that vignetting won't occur with the ultra-wide focal length. Additionally, on the rear of the filter mount, there's a speaker grill that limits the loss of audio quality while recording with the rear-facing microphone. 

The light, easy-to-use device is compatible with Moment's 67mm variable ND filters which cost $149. The filter mount will work with phones that have a maximum thickness of 15.5mm, which includes the case. It's also compatible with laptops and iPads. 

Pricing & Availability 

The 67mm Filter Mount is available for pre-order and is currently marked down to $23.99 from $29.99. It's expected to ship between April 21-28. There is a $20 discount when purchasing both the variable ND filter and filter mount for $154

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where can i buy it?

February 27, 2020 at 2:01AM

Robert Delagarza