We get very excited about stabilization around here. From making your shots more cinematic to trying out new and exciting set-ups, your best gear choice could be a stabilizer. There are tons of options out there, and we've covered a lot of them. But we always want to keep you up-to-date on the latest tools!

This flexible stabilizer from Moza just came on the market. You can get it alone, but it's also available in a Pro Kit with a Moza iFocus-M Wireless Lens Motor and the Moza iFocus Wireless Follow Focus Hand Unit that enables you to add pro-style focus pulls to your footage.

So, what's new? 

Folding Ergonomic Design

The body has been updated with a more ergonomic, metal build that’s more comfortable to operate. It also includes a redesigned UI, more accessory mounting options, and a single button for start/stopping your video. 

All-Day Power

If you're an event shooter, you're probably wondering about the gimbals battery life. The AirCross 3’s two USB Type-C ports let you use an external power bank to charge the gimbal while simultaneously powering your camera, a perfect solution to keep your gear going as long as you need it.  

Shooting Modes

The AirCross 3 has updated Sports and Manual functions. Sports mode 2.0 lets you choose between five adjustable speed controls while the Manual Position 2.0 mode lets you grab the gimbal and manually tweak the camera’s position and have it remain there. 

If you're more of a vlogger, the new Intelligent AI “Brick” Module mode enables hand-gesture control of the gimbal so you can stand in front and still retain directional control. 

Improved Performance

The new gimbal features a stronger motor and the introduction of the Deep Red algorithm for better control and improved stability. 

Be sure to visit the B&H page for the full breakdown of the gimbal here

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Source: B&H Photo/Video