January 2, 2020

This New Music Licensing Platform Offers $199 Lifetime Subscriptions

Audiio, the former licensing company to Netflix and Nike, has a new business model for filmmakers that features a lifetime subscription for the first 60 days of its launch.

It’s a new year...need some new music? Who doesn’t! Whether you're creating the best video ever made about [insert your client's product] or crafting an epic short eyeballing that elusive Vimeo Staff Pick, there’s one thing that separates the flims from the flams: music.

High quality, unique songs bring your video to life. And if you’re beginning to wish you could afford to license more than your current platform, you’re in luck.

Just launched today, Audiio decided to turn their business completely around. Instead of focusing on licensing music to television advertising agencies for brands like Nike, Netflix, Mars, and Toyota, they decided to focus on independent filmmakers around the world. What makes Audiio's model different from other music licensing platforms?

Here’s what Audiio co-founder and former Universal Music Group artist, Clay Jones, has to say about the launch:

“We are excited to launch today and serve creators around the world! For the next 60 days we’re giving filmmakers a chance to pay a one-time fee of $199 to download unlimited music from our platform for the rest of their life.”

Here’s the Audiio video explaining their lifetime membership:

What kind of music does Audiio offer?

You can browse through music on Audiio filtering genre, mood, instruments, energy levels, or by lyrical or instrumental versions. There’s even a handy feature where you can create custom playlists and save favorite songs for future reference. You can also scrub through playlists like What's New, Cinematic Vocals, and Anthems. Right now there are 250+ indie artists and composers, and Audiio says they plan to add 300+ new songs each month.

From Audiio Tech co-founder Bodie Leonard:

“We want to speed up the search process for filmmakers. With our beta platform, that means creating a seamless browsing experience and then rolling more features out on mobile. We also have a few big tech surprises coming!”

Since Audiio’s co-founder Clay Jones has a background in the music industry and the Universal Music Group, the music is pretty legit. According to Audiio's website, they partner with labels, publishers, and independent artists in Nashville, Los Angeles and beyond, recruiting the likes of Willyecho (NBC’s Songland competition) as well as commercial composers including J Scott Rakozy and Matthew L. Fisher, known for his work with Disney, Star Wars, and Warner Bros.

And among their high caliber commercial projects, Audiio collaborated with advertisers to provide music for Wrangler’s 70th anniversary, Mars Inc’s global campaign for Galaxy Chocolates and projects for IBM, Trainline, and Adidas.

A few examples of Audiio music at work.

So how do you get the lifetime membership?

Starting today and going until March 1, 2020, filmmakers can pay a one-time fee of $199 to download music on the platform for the rest of their careers.
Learn more and sign up directly at Audiio here    

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Cool :)

January 3, 2020 at 8:05AM, Edited January 3, 8:05AM

Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

Just signed up.

January 8, 2020 at 3:08PM


>There’s even a handy feature where you can create custom playlists and save favorite songs for future reference.

How do I know the people who write these articles don't work in the industry...

January 9, 2020 at 12:20PM


I'm a production music composer and this is our side of the story when it comes to these type of subscription libraries that are having a hand in destroying the market and careers. I wanted to experiment with the subscription model just to find out for myself exactly what I would encounter. I read the pros and cons about it all but I wanted to find out for myself. This post is geared for all of you composers who are curious about and considering the subscription thing, and for all media producers who may not be aware. It’s based upon one site with about the going rate of a monthly subscription fee. it’s as bad and even worse than I read or thought it would be. Now I know !!! Here’s the numbers. I had 69 files downloaded, a combination of full tracks, loops and stingers. The total value of those files would be, off the top of my head, about between 1,500.00 – 1,700 dollars. my 50% cut would be around 800 dollars under normal single track licensing. My subscription payout was a grand total of 14 dollars and some cents !!! Yes, that's right, 14 bucks !!! So there you have it, my personal experience, real numbers. Needless to say I opted out immediately and will never do anything like that again. I must point out that it was under their early bird subscription price but even under their pending regular subscription pricing I still would have made under 20 dollars. So for all of you who are considering the subscription model, especially you young composers, this is what you’re looking at. What a shame that this is actually happening, being supported and becoming more common.

January 17, 2020 at 2:17AM