We’ve all been there: you have a client requesting a specific, popular song for a video. They might, or might not, understand that you probably can’t use Taylor Swift or Kanye songs in their commercial videos, but they also just assume that you’ll be able to find the exactly right track for them on the first try.

Well, if you’re already a user of music licensing platforms like Musicbed, you might also know how to search out options yourself, as well as understand the value of using royalty-free music for your videos either for yourself or for your clients.

The whole search, share, and review methodology has just been drastically sped up thanks to AI. Let’s look at Musicbed’s new AI search feature and how you can use it to search for similar songs to your client’s favorite Top-40 tracks and quickly get the right music for your projects.

Musicbed AI Search Feature

Announced by Musicbed on their blog, this new AI search feature is pretty cool. No, it’s not going to be using AI to create a custom song for you instantly upon request, but it is going to use AI for what it’s ultimately best for to batch scan, review, and recommend the right song from Musicbed’s library for you based on the source material that you share with it.

Here’s a breakdown of what this new AI search tool is and how it works.

The Types of AI Searches

Furthermore, when you do use this AI search tool, it actually can provide options for you in a variety of different ways. Ultimately, it’s designed to help you find the right music for your projects as fast as humanly (or as robot-ly) possible.

Here are some of its different features:

  • Search by Song: Search any artist or song in the world to explore hundreds of similar options in our exclusive collection.
  • Similar Songs: Click Show Similar or scroll down on any song’s page to discover hundreds of similar song results.
  • Search by Song Segment: Set in and out points on any song to find hundreds of similar songs matching the highlighted segment.
  • Quick Preview: Switch on Quick Preview to instantly jump to the heart of any song while you search for music.

And here’s a great video further breaking down how this AI search feature works and could be right for you.

If you’re curious about checking it out yourself, you can check tryout Musicbed with a free 14-day trial here.