As filmmakers, we've all been there: we need that perfect song for an edit that we just can't seem to track down. Our once reliable database of songs is overused, dwindling, or generic, and sourcing a composer or licensed song is just too much cash.

Lucky for us, Musicbed is putting in the time to upload more new music to their collection than ever—more so each week, in fact, than their competitors are uploading a month. With a collection growing this exponentially it's an incredible resource to keep your edits fresh and never hit that dry well of songs when stuck on that tricky cut with a looming deadline.

So, don't trust that Musicbed is any different? Luckily, if you've been on the fence about Musicbed, here's your chance to try it on out (completely risk-free!) for 14 days.

Check out the benefits of this trial down below.

What To Expect During Your 14-Day Free Trial

The largest curated collection of music for film

Musicbed offers exclusive music from an unrivaled roster of 1,500+ rising indie artists and composers. When you license music on Musicbed, you're licensing real music from authentic artists.

Expertly curated playlists

Explore exclusive playlists for every mood, vibe, and genre. In addition to their "What’s New" playlist feature. Musicbed is also releasing regular playlists of their very favorite releases each month.

Three free song licenses

The free trial includes three song licenses to use in your work. Anything you upload with those licenses during your free 14-day trial is yours to keep.

Copyright clearance with SyncID™

Monetize your videos and stay in the clear with SyncID™, Musicbed's exclusive claim-clearing service.

Streamlined AI-powered discovery

Musicbed is taking steps to simplify your search with AI-powered tools like the "Search by Song Segment" and "Quick Preview" features, intuitive filters, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

New-and-improved features

Musicbed also made improvements to their Projects, Expanded Player, and Favorites features, so you can license music directly from a Project, find/organize your songs, revisit your listening history, and more.

Make the switch to your most inspired work

With more new music than ever, new AI search tools, and improvements to our platform features, we’re confident that Musicbed will inspire you to create the best work of your career. Don't believe us, huh? Here's what filmmaker Alex Zarfati has to say.

"Musicbed has the best licensing library on the Internet. And you can tell they care and craft their library very meticulously." –Alex Zarfati

Make the switch to your most inspired work yet with exclusive music, AI-powered search tools, three free song licenses, and more. Start your risk-free 14-day trial now.