We all get stuck creatively. Maybe you can't seem to get past the first act of your screenplay. Maybe finding financing for your feature is starting to look like an obstacle you will never overcome.

Regardless of what you're currently struggling with, it helps to know that you're not the only one experiencing the frustration and anxiety that comes with it.

This is precisely what Musicbed is hoping to address with #whenimstuck, a hashtag that will allow filmmakers from all backgrounds to not only have vulnerable conversations about their own experiences of being "stuck" but to also share the practical things they've done that led to a creative breakthrough.

Musicbed whenimstuck

To kick things off, the music licensing platform is launching a film from director Salomon Ligthelm that suggests "breakthrough looks more like hard work than waiting for that 'aha' moment." Musicbed asked Ligthelm about how he's dealt with being stuck in his own career. Check out the Twitter thread below.

Additionally, #whenimstuck will allow filmmakers to dig deep into the reasons why we get stuck, what it feels like to be stuck and unstuck, and the specific actions we can do as a community to untangle the creative messes we regularly find ourselves in.

If you want to join the conversation, head on over to Musicbed's Twitter feed. Use the hashtag #whenimstuck to share your own experiences of being stuck, as well as the ways you find your breakthrough.

And then go hug a fellow filmmaker. They need it. We all do.