What does it mean to never have a plan B? For veteran award-winning cinematographer Nancy Schreiber, it meant continuing the grind, but also adjusting to the opportunities and realities she was presented with. How can you do the same?

When getting cinematography jobs was less likely because of her gender, she took more gaffing jobs. When she got the chance to shoot video (VHS or otherwise) she grabbed it, and she wrote her own playbook on how to make it look good. She expanded on that as the video medium expanded, continuing to shoot on her beloved celluloid, but also winning awards for shooting on... wait for it... MiniDV. 

Schreiber is a true veteran of the industry, one of the first few female members of the ASC, and a trailblazer to this day. Best of all, she's humble, positive, and excited about all the new projects on her slate of all variety. 


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