The world is working to figure out how to react to Russia invading Ukraine, and so is Hollywood. As movie releases are pulled and TV channels are removed, Netflix is stepping into the fray and stopping all services in Russia.

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” a spokesperson for Netflix told Variety.

According to Bloomberg, "The service has been available in Russia since 2016, and two years ago Netflix forged a partnership with National Media Group to create a localized version. National Media Group owns or operates dozens of TV networks, production companies, and other media assets in Russia."

Netflix had previously been trying to grow in Russia, where it has around one million subscribers. It has a variety of new shows made just for the Russian population which it is also suspending.

They also were open to carrying Russian channels and programs, previous to the invasion.

They join a wide range of private companies taking matters into their own hands. Microsoft, Apple, and Dell have suspended sales in the country. IKEA has closed stores, and Nike will not ship online orders there. Apple, Meta, the BBC, and CNN have also taken leave of Russia.

Hopefully, all of this combined impact can bring peace to the region. We'd love to see other companies follow their lead.