When you're choosing screenwriting software, there are lots of options out there. Many of them are expensive or hard to use, but that's where Slugline hopes to stand out. 

The creators of Slugline, Stu Maschwitz and Clint Torres of Act Focused Media, have released the new, Slugline 2.0. It features a massive update to the best-reviewed screenwriting app for Mac that includes Dark Mode, drag-and-drop. outline, timeline, automatic formatting, colored notes, Live Compare, FDX import/export, and...it's free for shorts (sort of).

Slugline isn't trying to replace or compete with screenwriting software that includes production features like Final Draft. Maschwitz and Torres recognize that for the majority of the creative process, screenwriters don't need those production features. Instead, they need to focus on writing and organizing their stories.

So let's check it out. 

Slugline 2 is a screenwriting app devoted entirely to the writing process. In their words, "It combines an elegant, minimal interface that stays out of your way, with powerful features that help you craft and refine your story."

You can use it for free up until page 6, which isn't really ideal for shorts but if you're looking or free options, it's not that bad. 

If you pay $49.99 to upgrade, you get Unlimited Writing, FDX export, Live Compare, Scene Numbering, Search and Replace, an all-new Timeline, and the drag-and-drop outline. 

If you already had Slugline 1, They have marked that down to $39.99 USD (20% off) for the first week only. 

There's even an iPad and iPhone app that lets you write on your phone. 

Slugline for iOS/iPadOS is fully compatible with Mac, sharing files on iCloud and Dropbox

Sorry PC and Android users. 

The interface they use is Fountain, which is how Highland works. That's no coincidence. The developers of Slugline also worked with John August on Highland. It's cool that they are friends, but I'm not sure why you wouldn't just buy Highland since it already offered everything Slugline seems to offer for the same price and has a ton of free upgrades. 

Do I need Slugline 2.0? 

This is a mediocre answer, but maybe? As far as apps go, it's clean and looks...like Highland? I primarily use Highland and Final Draft, so I'm not sure why I would switch over. However, if you're looking for something priced reasonably that is concentrated on simplicity, then this might be a good option for you.

It's still a streamlined look that just allows you to write. 

But I never feel distracted with the programs I have. I might be an old dog not looking for new tricks either. 

I like the idea of writing with my phone or iPad, it's not something I have ever done but the capabilities seem nice. 

Check out what Slugline 2.0 has to offer here.

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