Trioscope Studios' creative leads L.C. Crowley, Greg Jonkajtys, and Taylor Church(The Liberator) were joined live and virtually by George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) and Vincent D’Onofrio (Daredevil, Ratched) to reveal exclusive details from their upcoming George RR Martin-produced short film Night of the Cooters.

Based on a short by Howard Waldrop, the film is directed by and stars D’Onofrio. 

During the panel, the team explained how live-action human performances combined with animated environments to create a groundbreaking moving graphic-novel experience.

How It Works

"It's not mo-cap," VFX artist Greg Jonkajtys said. He went on to explain how the technology differed.

The production uses an all-around green screen while combining real actors and props. This allows for more freedom in post and hugely cuts down on budgetary needs.

Their goal is to create a seamless blend while not losing any of the actor's real emotional performances. 

First Look

We were treated to a stunning teaser trailer for the short film during the panel. 

And let me say this, the technology is truly groundbreaking. The visuals were something I haven't really seen before and will surprise many. It's not your standard animation rotoscoped over, and the people feel real. The environments are other-worldly. 

This short film will be an experience to behold. 


The creators didn't shy away from talking about the future of this technology and where it could possibly lead us. 

L.C. Crowley explained how they'd like to branch out to all different types of genres with this type of storytelling. 

Since its mostly on a green screen, you have complete freedom to create entire worlds. You could make a sci-fi epic, a buddy road-trip comedy, a love story, anything! And it'll be a lot cheaper.

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