At No Film School, our goal is to show you different ways how you can become a better creator and filmmaker. We've been around for over a decade now, and much of that credit goes to our readers and the community's eagerness to want to learn. Part of that educational process is hearing from different perspectives because as you probably know, there are tons of different ways you can approach something. It's why we love sharing videos on our site from other creators. They detail different points of view from the writers on our staff. 

Here are a few of our favorites in the filmmaking community. If you haven't followed them already, they're definitely worth a follow. 

Gerald Undone

Gerald's product reviews are like no other on the interwebs. He takes you so in-depth, it seems like he knows more about the product than the manufacturer who made it.  

Steve Yedlin 

Known for being the cinematographer behind Knives Out and Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, he has a personal site with must-reads from his "other tech stuff" blog. His color science and resolution demos are a must-watch for any cinematographer, even if you might not agree with them. 

Brandon Li

What's great about Brandon is that he posts how-tos and tips that don't feel at all like sponsored content or he's trying to sell you something. It's just informative, helpful filmmaking tips that anyone can pick up on no matter your experience level. So go check out his Unscripted YouTube channel. 

In Depth Cine

We've shared several videos from the In Depth Cine channel over the year. And while we might not always agree with what he has to say, it's a different perspective worth hearing. 

Daniel Shiffer

Many of you probably already know about Daniel Shiffer. His B-roll tutorials and BTS how-tos are simply fantastic. He's one of our favorite DIY filmmakers and just watching his content will improve how you can do things on your own. 

Josh Olufemii 

If you're editing in Premiere Pro or use After Effects, Josh is definitely worth a follow. He tackles everything from how-tos to filmmaking tips that you probably don't know about. 

Friends of NFS 

It would be hard not to mention our fellow No Film School contributors who also have YouTube channels. Jason Boone of Boone Loves Video is a must-watch for those in post using Adobe Creative Cloud programs. Armando Ferreira has a great channel that's a mix of tech, film, and tutorials for all things filmmaking. And Dan Watson will walk you through different aspects of production and break down cameras and compare them against one another. 

Have any favorite creators you found in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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