One of the things I don't love about streaming is that we never get any special features with the release. Sure, Netflix will do "Behind the Scenes" things, but I love listening to a director's commentary track. You can really engage with how the project was made and learn ideas and techniques that I can add to my bag of tricks. 

Well, lucky for us, Hulu has decided to add a commentary track to Palm Springs, starting now! 

The commentary cut features input from director Max Barbakow and screenwriter Andy Siara, as well as stars Andy Samberg and Cristin Milotli. 

“As far as I know we’re the first,” Samberg told Variety. “We realized that Palm Springs will always be on Hulu, which is great, but there are elements of the DVD experience that just don’t exist anymore. They were very amenable in talking about ways to get some fun stuff in there.”

Check out the trailer for the commentary version below. 

We've seen BTS podcasts, but this feels like it could catch on and really spread. It adds another layer to the viewing experience and makes me miss physical copies of movies and TV shows a little less. It also cannot be that hard to do—you can just add the commentary choice in your catalog. 

While we don't know the numbers for how many people will stream with the track, we do know that Palm Springs sold for a historic amount, $17 million and 69 cents at Sundance, and became a hit that broke social media engagement records and got many of us through a hard pandemic night. It will be interesting to see who revisits it now.  

What are some original streaming movies you want commentary tracks for? Let us know in the comments.