The Panasonic LUMIX S1H is a beloved camera option for video shooters because of its versatility and lucrative recording formats. The full-frame sensor can record 6K 24p, 5.9K 30p, and both 4K DCI and UHD 60p with internal 4:2:2 10-bit sampling.

In August of last year, Atomos stepped up to announce that it would develop ProRes RAW over HDMI for the LUMIX S1H, and more recently set a date for its release on May 25th. Well, that has been changed. 

The ProRes RAW capability has been pushed back to an undisclosed date as Panasonic and Atomos aim to "ensure the highest possible level of RAW recording." While the delay is unfortunate, it's better than receiving flawed firmware that will need additional updates right out of the gate. 

Atomos says that "an unforeseen technical issue has come to light in the final rounds of beta testing that needs rectification prior to shipping." Both companies are working together to complete the development as soon as possible. 

When released, the Atomos Ninja V is expected to capture ProRes RAW over HDMI at 5.9K 29.97p in full-frame, or DCI 4K up to 59.94p in Super 35. A Super 35 anamorphic option will offer 3.5K (3536 x 2656) recording. 

Panasonic will still release version 2.0 firmware for the LUMIX S1H, but it won't include the planned RAW HDMI output. Version 2.0 will be made available May 25th on the Panasonic support page