We recently talked about the Peloton Lady and the ad for the stationary bike that took the internet by storm... by accident. 

But what has happened next in the internet narrative is as surprising as it is ingenious: 

For his own gin brand, Aviation, actor Ryan Reynolds brought the infamous Peloton Lady back but this time, for a drink (or two) with her friends. The entire spot is built around what we all know about the original Peloton ad. Virality on top of virality. 

Here is the original ad:

We've written about Ethos, Pathos, and Logos the three modes of persuasion in advertising. This definitely qualifies as pathos or empathy. 

The whole world felt for the Peloton Lady after her husband bought her a stationary bike for Christmas. The implication of pressuring her to take better care of herself, even though she seemed to be in great shape, plus the crazed frightened look in her eye... 

Now she needs a drink and some friends. The narrative that started in one viral misfire, continues here. 

Creatives and filmmakers get constant opportunities to work in branded content and internet advertising. Knowing the trends, the ways of utilizing modes of persuasion, and pitching the right thing at the right time can lead to a lot of opportunities. How could we not highlight this stroke of genius on Aviation's end?

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