The strikes have been going on for over four months, which means people have not been paid for just as long.

Money can be scarce in these times, which is why Pen America has created a Screenwriters Emergency Assistance Fund. It offers grants ranging from $500 to $1,000 to eligible screenwriters.

They're being offered on a first-come-first-served basis, so apply ASAP here.

PEN America President Ayad Akhtar said, “During these difficult days, we are honored as a writers' organization to do as much as we can to relieve the financial stress members of the WGA, East and West, are facing. PEN America has a long history of coming together to assist writers in need, as well as those at risk around the world, and we are honored to be able to do so again during this emergency. We hope our effort will send a powerful message of hope at this time.”

Allison Lee, managing director of PEN America’s Los Angeles office followed that with, “PEN America recognizes the financial hardship that many screenwriters are experiencing due to the work stoppage in the industry. We know that early career writers are especially hard hit by financial need and we want to do whatever we are able to relieve the acute stress they face. We hope even a small grant in the amount of $500 or $1,000 will help screenwriters who are having to make difficult decisions about how to cover their rent, or pay for an unexpected health care bill, or buy school supplies for their children.”

In order to be eligible, you have to be a screenwriter with fewer than seven years of membership in the WGA or have fewer than seven years of demonstrated income as an employed screenwriter.

Hope this helps anyone who needs it.