December 29, 2018

Here's the Perfect Camera Skin for Big LEGO Fans

Want to protect your mirrorless shooter and reveal your playful side at the same time? Then this is the camera skin for you.

Around two years ago, we posted a tutorial that showed you how to build a DIY handheld camera stabilizer out of LEGOs, and today, we found something that would make the perfect camera accessory for uber LEGO fans—or those that work with kids a lot—or those that are kids at heart.

LIFE+GUARD, a Taiwanese company that makes protective skins for cameras and lenses, has come out with a new skin for the Sony a7III and a7R III mirrorless cameras featuring a colorful yellow, blue, green, red, and orange LEGO design. 

According to the company, the skins are made out of 3M wrapping material and cost $49.90. They can be ordered by contacting LIFE+GUARD directly through their Facebook page and sending them a message.

If LEGOs aren't your thing, LIFE+GUARD also sells a ton of other skins with a more sleek and professional look for both lenses and cameras, including black brushed steel and a variety of carbon fiber textures.

To be honest, putting a skin on your camera sounds a lot like ruining your camera to me. I mean, you basically putting a giant sticker on it. Then again, maybe you love LEGOs, maybe you work with kids a lot, or maybe you just want to have a camera that looks like nobody else's. If so, reach out to LIFE+GUARD on Facebook to learn more.     

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