Daron Aronofsky's Rockstar DP Matthew Libatique Talks Career and 'Requiem For a Dream' Anniversary

Matthew LIbatique on the set of 'Miracle of St. Anna'
Matthew LIbatique
How does Libatique stay so damned cool? 

Matthew Libatique is here to tell us the whole story. Starting in early days at AFI doing student projects with Darren Aronofsky, on to the $30,000 "stunt" known as Pi, this great DP/director collaboration was born.

Libatique talks at length about the impact of music and music videos on his filmmaking approach, influencing key creative choices in Requiem for a Dream. We discuss how he has managed to stay cool and relevant for over 20 years and how this journey is a constant struggle to find new techniques that match the substance of each story. Also pretty fun: Libatique managed to sneak a peek at Roger Deakins’ LUT.

*Editorial note: we apologize for occasional background noise in Matthew's audio.

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