Power Your Sony FX9 with the Dual Micro Battery Plate from Anton Bauer

Credit: Anton Bauer
Power the Sony FX9  for hours with the Anton Bauer Dual Micro Battery Bracket that's compatible with their Titon Micro series batteries.

The Anton Bauer Dual Micro Bracket for the Sony FX9 is a versatile power solution that allows you to attach two Anton Bauer Micro batteries in either V-mount or Gold mount configurations. 

The bracket features a hinged design with a locking lever to hold the plate in place. When mounted, it gives you access to the camera's internal battery where you can swap them out without the need to power down the camera. The mount easily attaches into the Extension Unit connector on the top of the camera, and if using the optional XDCA-FX9 Extension Unit for the FX9, the bracket connects directly into the XDCA-FX9 Extension Unit. 

The bracket has four integrated P-Tap ports to power multiple accessories. A built-in resettable digital fuse helps protect your camera and powered accessories all while providing a output voltage of 19.5V required to power the FX9. 

The Dual Micro Battery Bracket is compatible with Titon Micro series that includes 150Wh, 90Wh, and 45Wh battery options. It's priced around $427, and again, is available in V-mount or Gold mount

Credit: Anton Bauer

Additionally, Anton Bauer has introduced the VM4 4-Position Micro Battery Charger, a 4 bank battery charger for the Titon Micro series available in V-mount or Gold mount

With the charger, you can charge four V-mount or Gold mount micro-series batteries or two regular-sized batteries while still powering the camera. The XLR4 output connector converts AC to DC power when charging or it can be used to deliver battery power to devices that have an XLR input. 

The charger can recharge the Titon Micro 90 (94Wh 10A) charge in approximately 3 hours. The list price for the VM4 4-Position Micro Battery Charger is $425 for either the V-mount or Gold mount option.

Anton Bauer also has the VM2, a two-bank battery charger for around $260. . 

Do you have a favorite power solution for the Sony FX9? Let the community know in the comments section.      

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