The March update for Adobe's popular Creative Cloud programs for content creators is focused on working faster and getting more done. Among the updates are new features for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition, Adobe's intuitive software dedicated to mixing sound. 

The standout feature in Premiere Pro is the new captions workflow tool that allows you to quickly add, customize, and style captions and subtitles. Better yet, when Adobe releases its Speech to Text feature later this year, the captions tool will get even more functionally. You can now also copy and paste audio track effects racks in Premiere Pro, which is going to make editing audio much faster. 

Adobe has further optimized Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro and After Effects to provide 4x speed gain for reducing camera shake in UHD footage. This will come in handy for shots that need some extra attention to stabilize. Additionally, there is extended format support that allows you to import ARRI Alexa Mini footage in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Media Encoder.

Another noticeable update in Premiere Pro is that you can replace media elements in motion graphics templates (MOGRT). So if you want to use a template, but brand it a little differently, you can add placeholders without using After Effects. 

Aftereffects_toolbarsNew 3D tools in After EffectsCredit: Adobe

After Effects users see several other new features, including real-time 3D draft previews, a 3D ground plane, and a more efficient composition toolbar that's organized based on the current task. 

For Audition, you can now punch in new recordings anywhere in an audio file with the insert recording mode. This allows you to ripple existing audio forward without needing to manually cut the audio segment. So let's say you have a voiceover track and need to add in extra dialogue. You can now simply put your cursor where the new recording takes place, record the track, and Adobe will automatically insert it into the existing clip. 

Other updates include 24 new color filter presets in Premiere Rush, improvements to Team Projects, additional stock templates in Adobe Stock, new walk behaviors in Character Animator, and a new public beta feature for After Effects that allows multi-frame rendering, which will speed up the export process. 

The updates are free for existing Adobe users. If you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription, single-program plans start at around $21 per month. 

Source: Adobe