Producers do a lot. We all know that much. 

But what's invaluable about this round table discussion is that we get a variety of answers from a group of producers that cover the entire spectrum of experience, budget, role, and expertise. This podcast will help you find the types of producers you need, identify what your project needs to attract them, and give you an edge when it comes to mounting a project in the first place. 

We were lucky enough to gather this group of expert producers in Park City during Sundance 2020, and we're thrilled to bring all their combined knowledge to you now. 

Our guests include Diane Becker (Whirlybird), Mandy Tagger (Save Yourselves), Lucas Joaquin (The Evening Hour), Uri Singer (Tesla), Marcel Perez (La leyenda negra), and Marina Grasik (Black Bear4 Good Days).

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