When it comes to memory cards, read and write speeds are as important as capacity. ProGrade Digital has introduced its new CFexpress Type B cards that provide read speeds up to 1,700MB/s, which helps quickly unload data onto a computer, and burst write speeds up to 1,500MB/s. 

CFexpress Type B cards are gaining traction because of its backward compatibility with XQD. ProGrade is offering two performance levels, Cobalt and Gold. Both versions use PCIe, Gen 3 interconnect with NVMe 1.3 host controller interface to leverage the fast data speeds. Cobalt delivers a minimum sustained write speed of 1400MB/s for both 325GB and 650GB cards, which are designed for high-resolution video capture, and Gold, will not drop below 400MB/s depending on the card capacity. Gold is available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. 

CFexpress Cobalt

  • Maximum read speed 1700MB/s
  • Burst write speed 1500MB/s 2
  • Minimum sustained write speed 1400MB/s
  • Capacities: 325GB, 650GB

CFexpress Gold

  • Maximum read speed 1700MB/s
  • Burst write speeds up to 1500MB/s
  • Minimum sustained write speeds up to 400MB/s
  • Capacities: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Both versions are X-ray and shock-proof and are designed around a metal enclosure to improve durability and dissipate heat. Thermal throttling also protects the card from overheating. Cobalt versions start at $400 for the 325GB card, and the Gold label starts at $160 for the 128GB