Quarantine has given us a ton of time to watch movies and TV shows. There are so many titles available to stream. Once you get through all the obvious ones, I think we've all found some hidden gems that are wonderful to watch during these times. 

Today, I wanted to rifle through some titles I've found while passing my days. 

And I want to know what you're watching as well!  

I spent the better part of the early quarantine days rewatching movies I loved as a kid. They were welcome distractions to the wild world. Movies like The Burbs and The Karate Kid aren't on the AFI Top 100 Movies list or dissected by keener minds than mine, but I find them to be excellent little escapist genre-pieces. 

The Karate Kid remake with Jackie Chan is also a solid little movie. 

One of the TV shows I feel like many of us missed was Halt and Catch Fire. That show is now streaming on Netflix and covers the onset of personal computing. It's about power, greed, and innovation. It wasn't popular while on but really seems prescient now. 

Another show that makes me laugh and lets me escape is Happy Endings. While only on for 3 seasons, this sitcom was weird, zany, and had one of the most fun ensembles of any show I can remember. 

When it comes to revisiting movies, I like to pick out ones I didn't really like the first time out and give them another go. This proved to be a waste of time when it comes to Quantum of Solace, but one title that really grew on me was Intolerable Cruelty

Another that fits the bill in that conversation has to be Empire Records. I think, as a kid, it really didn't reflect my coming of age story, but as an adult, I can appreciate the sentiments presented without needing them to be so reflective of my own. 

Then there are the movies I think everyone should see. I wrote about completing the AFI list, but that only covers American film. What about things like The 400 Blows, Closely Watched Trains, Seven Samurai, and Fanny & Alexander

Then there's a whole category of movies you can watch with the whole family. My mom is a very sweet woman and thinks anything over PG-13 is too risque for her, so that really narrows the playing field. She also doesn't like long chase scenes or too much gunfire. Oh, and she also isn't into animation. 

What's left? Movies like While You Were Sleeping, The Parent Trap, and The Sound of Music keep her happy. 

Also, what about the movies I want to brag about watching? Things like Modern Times, Rafifi, and even Cinema Paradiso are all available online. I use websites like Decider to find out where I can stream all these titles and more. 

So tell me, what are the hidden gems I have missed? what are the movie and TV shows keeping you entertained while we are all home? The titles you think everyone should see, or the things you're loving introducing to your kids? 

Let me know in the comments. Maybe we can get a movie of the week going? I can't wait to watch your lists.