Kimmel is known to have quirky fun with his guests, and this episode was no different. 

After their interview, Tarantino was handed a blindfold from Kimmel as he explained the rules of the game. The director was going to be read a synopsis from the back of old VHS films and had to guess the title. 

You would think Tarantino could never be wrong about film history, but he was surprisingly stumped on a few of these. 

He completely missed at guessing Tom Hanks' film Mazes and Monsters and was only partially correct on his first videotape, Hard Bodies. 

Although he did impress being able to guess the actual name of a tape that was mislabeled on its cover. Obviously, Tarantino doesn't have anything to prove when it comes to his film knowledge, but it was still fun seeing him rattle on. 

Check out the full interview with Tarantino below: 

Source: Collider