One of the most interesting aspects of Tarantino's career is that he seems to never stop writing. When he dives into a new world, he churns out pages and pages. Did you know he's currently planning a non-fiction book on movies called Cinema Speculation?

For his most recent film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino wrote an entire novelization. And he apparently spent a lot of time working through backstories for the characters as well. In particular, Tarantino apparently has written an entire novel with an alternate history of Hollywood for Rick Dalton, the character portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Tarantino was speaking with the Empire Film Podcast when he first revealed the fictional biography.

According to QT, the premise follows Tarantino (how meta) meeting aging actor Rick Dalton in 1998 at a Hawaiian film festival. This chance encounter leads Tarantino to sit down with Rick to write his biography together. Tarantino says Dalton has an incredible career, and that Dalton finds major success at the end of it.

In the book, there's also a fictional Q&A between Tarantino and Dalton. It will be titled "Rick Dalton: The Man Who Would Be McQueen." 

Tarantino has no plans to publish this book yet. Apparently, it's just sitting somewhere. But if he did, I am sure people would gobble it up. To do that, he will have to get this story to a publisher interested in going all-in with him. Time will tell. 

I know I would. My personal theory is that the "major success" Tarantino says Dalton finds must be starring in one of Tarantino's never-made movies in this alternate Hollywood. Or maybe he plays Vincent instead of Travolta in Pulp Fiction. It would be interesting to see where Tarantino takes this story. 

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