DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post from Ritual Music.

When it comes to music licensing, it often feels like you’re sacrificing something. Whether it’s the quality of the music, the size of the library, or the expensive cost of licensing anything that doesn’t sound like stock music. 

Enter Ritual Music, an online platform offering unlimited access to over 25,000 exclusive tracks that before today were only available to bigger-budget productions. These songs are cleared for monetization and can be used for virtually every type of video project including client work and ads. 

To celebrate their launch, Ritual Music is offering an exclusive deal to the No Film School community. Sign up and use the promo code NOFILM99 to get an unlimited annual music subscription for $99 a year until August 31st. 


To make it easy to find the right track for your project, Ritual Music is organized into curated playlistsbased on use, mood and genre. Many songs also come with stems, loops, and cutdowns of 15s, 30s and 1 min to provide even more control over the music you're paying for. The company is rolling out this feature across the entire catalog and launching an SFX library early this summer. Their catalog is growing, too: around 100-200 new songs are added every week. 

Founded by a team of multi-platinum songwriters & producers, Ritual Music has pursued a “music first” approach and has the pedigree to back that up. Their contributors have worked alongside artists like Kanye West, Selena Gomez, and Sia, and 50% of Ritual Music’s revenue is paid out to its contributors. 

“Video production is getting cheaper, expectations are getting higher and project budgets are getting smaller. More video is being made now than ever before so we’ve built a sustainable model that allows our contributors to take advantage of the sheer volume of content while giving our customers access to incredible talent”, says Ritual Music cofounder, Jarett Holmes. 

Head on over to Ritual Musicto learn more, and use the promo code NOFILM99 to take advantage of this offer. 

Source: Ritual Music