To much fanfare, RØDE announced the second edition of its popular Wireless GO wireless microphones last week, and users have run into an issue when trying to export large uncompressed files via RØDE Central, a new feature-rich program dedicated to the Wireless GO II series. 

The Wireless GO II has several new features, including the ability to record compressed and uncompressed audio. By default, the mic system records compressed MP3 audio, but if you want to take advantage of uncompressed audio recordings, you need to turn that option on using the RØDE Central app, which is available for Mac or Windows with a version for smartphones coming in the future. Once triggered, you can record uncompressed 24-bit 48 kHz WAV audio. 

The issue users have been experiencing is during the export of longer uncompressed audio recordings. The app times out and doesn't produce the converted audio file. 

RØDE says they have found the bug and are currently resolving the issue. The company says it will be updating the firmware soon. 

Additionally, the company also updated RØDE Central, changing the naming convention from Mono and Stereo recording modes to Merged and Split, which was causing confusion. This functionality refers to the Wireless GO II dual-channel feature where it can record two transmitters with a single receiver. The updated naming scheme is a good idea, since you're not technically choosing between a mono or stereo audio. 

We'll keep you updated when the new firmware becomes available.