RØDE has introduced the second generation of its very popular Wireless GO series, a compact wireless microphone system that transmits over the 2.4GHz band. Among the improvements of the Wireless GO II are dual-channel recording, an extended transmission range, better stability, and internal recording without the need for an SD card. 

Key Features 

  • Dual-channel wireless
  • 128-bit encryption 
  • 3.5mm analog TRS output, USB-C and iOS digital audio output 
  • Record over 24 hours of audio directly on the transmitter
  • Mono or stereo recording modes
  • Gain control – three-stage pad, expandable to 10-stage pad
  • 7 hour run-time with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • RØDE Central app for remote control

Wirelssgo_iiCredit: RØDE

When RØDE introduced the Wireless GO, we were immediate fans, as it allowed anyone with a couple hundred bucks to record quality wireless audio with virtually any camera. The compact size of Wireless GO made it the go-to wireless microphone for many DSLR and mirrorless shooters as it easily mounted to the cold shoe while not adding any noticeable weight or getting in the way. 

Even though it has an internal microphone allowing you to bypass using a lav, we liked that RØDE included a 3.5mm input to attach a lav, which is the preferred solution when recording dialogue through a transmitter. Attaching a lav allows you to securely place the microphone on the talent and protect it against any clothing rustle or wind noise. 

Wireless GO II takes everything we love about the original version and makes it way better, starting with dual-channel recording.

Wirelessgoii_1Credit: RØDE

It's built around the all-new Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission that has 128-bit encryption for security. RØDE has also extended the transmission range up to 656' (200m) in line of sight. RØDE says the internal antenna has been redesigned for a more stabilized connection and will limit dropouts when operating in dense RF areas. 

Each kit now comes with two transmitters and a single receiver. This allows you to attach two transmitters on different subjects (or two on a single subject for redundancy) and record the audio using only a single receiver. This is great for interviewing multiple subjects. Or say you want to record the talent, but also record room tone or ambiance at the same time. Now you can. 

The Wireless GO II features a 3.5mm analog TRS output for plugging into cameras, plus a digital audio output via USB-C for plugging into smartphones, tablets, and even computers. This makes the Wireless Go II extremely versatile out in the field. Another cool feature is its onboard recording. The system can record up to 24 hours to each transmitter without the need for an SD card. Not only is this great for when you run into RF interference but it's also nice to have as a backup. 

Wirelessgoii_2Credit: RØDE

To use the feature, you must use RØDE Central app (currently only available for Mac or Windows), which gives you additional feature controls, like recording a second track at -20dB to protect against any unexpected noise. This is a nice feature to have, especially if you want to record some quick sound effects out in the field. RØDE says other tech like the VideoMic NTG will be added to the app in the future. 

Like the original series, each transmitter has a built-in omnidirectional condenser mic and a 3.5mm TRS input for plugging in a lav. Wireless GO II also carries over the same size where the receiver weighs 32g and the transmitters weigh 31g. Each kit comes with three furry windshields, a flat TRS memory cable for plugging into cameras, and three USB-C to USB-A cables for connecting to computers for charging and recording. An internal lithium-ion battery provides up to seven hours of power and is rechargeable. 

The Wireless GO II is shipping now for $299 and is definitely worth the price. You can find out more at the Wireless GO II web page or the Wireless GO II Learning Hub.