Content creators looking to up their audio game are about to get a huge upgrade with the new RØDE VideoMicro II External Shotgun Microphone. The tiny new addition to RØDE's lineup offers a bit more versatility to creatives.

 Designed to be light and compact, the VideoMicro II works with a wide variety of camera platforms, including mirrorless cameras and even smartphones.

Rodevmii-6Credit: RØDE

The VideoMicro II is built using RØDE’s annular line tube technology for what the company says is transparent and natural, full-bodied sound. The technology was first introduced with the NTG5 professional shotgun microphone and has since been featured in prosumer-grade external mics like the VideoMic NTG and VideoMic GO II.

Small but Sturdy

The mic is built out of aircraft-grade aluminum and has premium sound-gathering components from the company's pro line that provides for professional audio recording while keeping annoying background hiss to a minimum. With a highly directional supercardioid polar sound pattern that ensures focused sound recording wherever the mic is pointed, the VMII suppresses distracting ambient sound from both sides and behind.

Through a simplified, plug-and-play design that uses no buttons or dials to set up, the VideoMicro II is ready to use straight out of the box. The mic receives phantom power directly from the camera or smartphone that it is connected to, rather than having to charge or replace any batteries. 

Rodevmii-5Credit: RØDE

The VideoMic II is mounted in a custom design Helix isolation mounting system, which RØDE says effectively dampens knocks and bumps, as well as other shaking noises that are typical of smaller mic shock mount designs. The Helix was designed specifically to fit the VideoMic II and is molded from high-impact thermoplastic that isolates camera movement and isolates any vibrations and unwanted audio artifacts.

The mount also has a cable management system designed in the plastic mount that can secure the VideoMicro II’s 3.5mm TRS cable (for cameras) or TRRS cable (for smartphones). It also has a cold shoe mount with a 3/8” threaded mounting option for securing the microphone to a tripod or boom pole for remote recording. 

Rodevmii-2Credit: RØDE

Overall, the RØDE Video Micro II makes for a brilliant transitionary microphone as a content creator moves from onboard microphones to an external mic solution. It’s lightweight at just 39 grams and extremely easy to use. 

Rodevmii-3Credit: RØDE

Tiny Size, Big Utility

With its ability to support sound recording from cameras, action cameras, and even smartphones, it’s a veritable Swiss Army Knife for gathering sound in situations including interviews, music recording, vlogging, and other situations where being a one-man crew is the order of the day. Its simplified design also makes it an ideal addition to the camera bags of budding filmmakers, internet content creators, and citizen journalists looking to take their sound to the next level.

RODE VideoMicro II

New Release!
  • Run & Gun Video Creators, Live Streamers
  • Clear Sound for Cameras and Smartphones
  • Simple Plug & Go Operation
  • HELIX Isolation Mount System
  • High-Quality Foam and Furry Windshields
  • 3.5mm TRS Output Connector
  • 3.5mm TRS to TRS & TRS to TRRS Cables
  • No Battery Required
Mic w/ Mount

The retail price of the RØDE Video Micro II is very affordable too, with an MSRP of just $79. It is available at all authorized RØDE dealers. 

The mic comes with a foam pop screen and furry wide screens, SC13 TRS and SC7 TRRS cables, and the Helix sound isolation mount.

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Source: RØDE