Lighting is the central key to our lives in so many ways as filmmakers, and Roe Visuals knows a thing or two about crafting the intricate lighting scenarios.

Well known for their LED panels and virtual panels for virtual production studios, Roe breaks lighting down to a science of all the nitty gritties of emulating natural light with their products.

As part of our collaboration with Cinematography for Actors to bring you as much coverage from NAB 2024 as possible, we were lucky enough to catch up with esteemed color scientist Tucker Downs at Roe's NAB booth. Tucker breaks down how Roe's LED and virtual panels use the idea of global illumination to reflect light in hyper-realistic ways.

Check out the interview below.

Roe at NAB Show 2024

"Global illumination. That term comes from the world of VFX, where in the 90s a technique was developed to during ray tracing where they would cast virtual rays in a 3D scene and they would trace where those ended up on a 360 degree video plate. And then that would indicate what the color of the lighting was." - Tucker Downs

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