It has happened. The mother of all filmmaking podcasts (aside from maybe this one...) has arrived and we're all here for it. 

Roger Deakins—visionary, Oscar winner (formerly most snubbed DP ever), and arguably the greatest DP of all time—has launched his own friggin' podcast. We interviewed Deakins recently to discuss how he pulled off 1917, the man's insights are amazing, and we cannot wait to see him commit more time to them. 

The Team Deakins Podcast features conversations between Deakins and his wife and collaborator, James, who works as a script supervisor and digital workflow consultant. They cover a variety of topics on cinematography, like location scouting, practical lighting, and composition, but also discusses the film business, chats about their approach to collaboration, and gives answers to questions submitted by listeners.

Collider was able to speak with James, who has been running the couple's website alongside Roger, about how the podcast came to be. She says, "Over the years, we have done many Q&As and, afterwards, answered individual questions and realized that we often answer the same questions. So the idea of a podcast came to me late last year and Roger thought it would be something interesting. I didn’t really get a chance to start moving forward until January and then the shelter in place time took away any excuses I could have used to put it off!"

So far, 6 episodes have been uploaded on the podcast since its launch on April 25th—if that's any indication as to how regularly we'll be getting world-class insight on filmmaking from Team Deakins, then we're in for a delightful (and near-daily?) treat.

You can subscribe to The Team Deakins Podcast here.

If you have a question you want to ask Team Deakins, you can post them in the Roger Deakins forums.

If you want to know more about Roger Deakins, seriously just hang around No Film School. We're big fans. Check out this recent story where he analyzes modern cinema.

Source: Collider