Samyang (Rokinon in North America) has released a lighter and more compact version of its XEEN cine lenses called XEEN CF. The newly developed full-frame cine lenses are designed with carbon fiber housing (hence the CF) instead of metal for what is said to be a "sturdier, lighter and more durable" construction. But keep in mind, the body of the lens is still aluminum alloy.

While the weight has only dropped about 0.5lbs, shedding the extra bulkiness is very welcoming. XEEN lenses have been used on different types of productions and XEEN CF looks to continue that by offering filmmakers a cine lens with unique visual characteristics and improved optical performance. Cinematographer Bill Bennett tested the lenses and notes their "variable look," mentioning if you shoot at T2.8, they are sharp, contrast lenses but the more you open them up, the softer they'll get.

Tech Specs

  • 8K coverage
  • Carbon Fiber design 
  • Luminous focus markings
  • 11-blade aperture 
  • XEEN CF 16mm T2.6 (available 2020)
  • XEEN CF 24mm T1.5 (available Nov 2019)
  • XEEN CF 35mm T1.5 (available 2020)
  • XEEN CF 50mm T1.5 (available Nov 2019)
  • XEEN CF 85mm T1.5 (available Nov 2019)
  •  PL, Canon EF, Sony E mount
  • ~2.1lb/.93kg in PL

Xeen_cf3Credit: Samyang

XEEN CF supports large image sensors and 8K capability. We still get an 11-blade aperture, interchangeable mounts including PL, Canon EF and Sony E and dual-sided focus scale which now has luminous markings that glow in the dark. 

Another new feature is a front diameter of 95mm for easy use with matte boxes. The lenses have unified focus and aperture gear positions, tight color matching, dual calibrated right and left side distance and T-stop scales as well as smooth focusing and aperture controls.

The 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm lenses all retail for $2495 and are available now for pre-orders. (Pricing for the rest set has yet to be announced.)

So what do you think of the smaller design? Let us know in the comments below.