The DMG DASH is a new LED from Rosco based on its popular MIX lighting technology in a sleek compact design that's built for the rigorous environments of production. 

If you're unfamiliar with their MIX lights, they feature a six-chip LED with red, lime, green, blue, amber, and white, allowing the fixtures to create a wide gamut of colors as well as match the many different gels Rosco offers. We're big fans of the MINI MIX and MAXI MIX. The latter is a fantastic light source capable of producing 7550 Lux from one meter out at 5600K. However, they lean toward larger setups and cannot be attached on-camera. That's where DMG DASH comes in. 

The broad color spectrum LED can just about go anywhere. You can mount it to a stand or camera, stash it in a car, or easily have someone operate it handheld for a run-and-gun setup. 

Dmg_dash_backCredit: Rosco

The light has the same six-chip LED set as the more robust MIX lights, and can create over 130 True Rosco Color gel matches while outputting high CRI and TLCI values. Rosco has also added a boost mode on the DMG DASH that provides a 380 Lux spread at one meter. 

The backside features intuitive controls and a display to navigate a menu. Or you can control the light source via Bluetooth through the myMIX app that's available for iOS and Android. Modes on the app include Gel, White, Color, Effects, and Source Match. The latter is a nice feature as it allows you to use it as a color picker out in the field to easily match two different lights. 

When it comes to build, Rosco didn't hold back. It has an outdoor rating for use in all weather conditions and is made from an aluminum alloy housing. The overall size is 5 x 3.1 x 1.1", making it about the same size as an Atomos Ninja V

As for power, it runs off an internal battery that's charged using an included USB-C cable. It can run for approximately 3 hours at maximum output, and much longer with a lower setting. The unit can also be used while charging. 

Rosco_dmg-dashDMG DASH w/ LINK QuadCredit: Rosco

The DMG DASH is available in two kits. The DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit includes a case, USB-C cable, flat diffuser, dome diffuser, eggcrate, light stand and magnet mounts, and gel holder for $279.

The Quad Kit includes four complete Pocket LED Kits and a LINK accessory to mount the lights together. That kit costs $1,250. 

Rosco also offers the DMG DOT accessory, which is a silicone half globe diffuser that creates a rounded light source, making it ideal for an eye light or to act as a tabletop spot. 

Expect the DMG DASH to arrive this spring.