Ryan and Kaz Firpo are filmmakers. The same kind that so many No Film School readers are—in fact, they are No Film School readers. They were both making their way through the industry through various gigs and angles until they decided to lock themselves in a cabin and write the best script they could. 

That script landed on the Black List, which landed them in a lot of general meetings. 

What happens after a few writers burst onto the scene is anyone's guess. It can go a number of ways. Many of us have been there. 

What happened in Ryan and Kaz's case is they made an impression at Marvel, and when the time came for the massive studio to make Eternals, they went back to Ryan and Kaz, who had a unique and compelling take. 

Next thing you know, you're the screenwriting duo behind the biggest movie in the world. 

But the interesting thing is the steps along the way, the process, the manner in which writers handle these important meetings, the many successes and failures. 

What happens next for Ryan and Kaz, is again, anyone's guess. But hearing about they got here is its own valuable lesson. 

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