Chances are you take this world a little too seriously. I'm guilty of putting a ton of pressure on myself on every project that leaves my brain and hits the paper. 

I've scanned the internet looking for examples and templates to help me. and one day I was scanning and came across Ian Abramson's take on writing. Ian is a friend and one of the funniest guys I have ever met. 

His screenwriting commandments are an upheaval of what we normally see. I won't spoil them. Just read and we will talk after. 

Check out his Twitter thread below! 






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Let's dissect these hilarious commandments. 

Generally, I wanted to talk about how we all need to chill. Even me. What's awesome about screenwriting is that we are usually just sitting around and making things up. We have a lot of room to be weird, be fun, and love that we do. Sure, most of us dream of our careers inside this industry. 

And when you glimpse that dream being a reality it can hurt if the bubble bursts. But it's not life or death. It's fun. 

There are lots of fraudulent gurus out there ready to charge you for "the answers." The truth is, there are no answers. 

There are only great stories. And these super important 10 Commandments of Screenwriting that will unlock everything you've ever dreamed of in the world...

1. If you’re going to use Voice Over: DO IT.

2. Provide details of the protagonist's teeth to clue the reader into who the main character is.

3. It’s called EXT because it’s easy for characters to exit. Take advantage of that.

4. Good Dialogue is Great dialogue.

5. People don’t use each other’s name in real life. Let your characters name themselves.

6. Your midpoint should be between 25 and 75 percent of the way through your script.

7. Write with all five senses. Put a ballpoint pen in your nose.

8. Consider an inciting incident. Many writers find it gives their story GUMPTION.

9. You should average a thousand vowels every ten pages, but make sure to have a page with no vowels before page 25.

10. Never stop writing. Or reading. Or watching movies. But get enough sleep too. And take a break for God’s sake, get your head out of your head. Just remember, never give up and you’ll always win.

What's next? How to become a filmmaker...

Let’s address the elephant in the room.

Being a filmmaker/starting a career in filmmaking is not for the faint of heart. 

So we put together a "how to" for you!