Loglines are an important part of the writing process not only because they distill your idea down to its most basic form but also because they get people excited to read your story. This means that knowing how to write a killer logline is an essential skill for screenwriters.

Now, Scripts & Scribes' 2020 Logline Madness contest is your opportunity to get feedback for your logline from industry professionals and compete for the opportunity to have your script read and considered by literary managers. 

That seems like the perfect distraction in these trying times. 

Logline Definition

So, what's a logline? 

A logline is a one-sentence summary of the story put forward in your movie screenplay or television pilot.

How to Submit Your Logline

There are actually a couple of ways to enter your submission.

  1. Join the Scripts & Scribes Discord channel and post your info and logline. Other Discord members can vote on your logline in this channel. The top vote-getters in each category will be selected for the judging rounds. Those loglines not receiving the highest votes will be added to the list for the selection committee to choose from to move on to the judging rounds.
  2. Email your logline to logline2020@scriptsandscribes.com.

What Does My Submission Need? 

Your submission must include:

  • The author’s name
  • Title of project
  • Medium (feature or TV)
  • The logline itself
  • The script's genre

Who Are the Judges?

*Has committed to reading the script for the winning logline.


The deadline to enter is Monday, April 20th at 11:59 PM (PST). So, head on over to Scripts & Scribes to learn more.

Learn about what it takes to win screenwriting contests like this.

Good luck and happy writing!