When San Diego moved Comic-Con from July to November this year and called it "Special Edition," I was skeptical that anything could capture the chaos and vigor that is the premiere pop culture event of the year. And I was right. Special Edition Comic-Con was not much like regular Comic-Con. It was intimate, focused on creatives, and allowed for audible conversations and floor walking without bumping into anyone.

While I enjoy the fervor and playfulness of non-COVID years, I have to admit that as a way back to the mediums I love, this felt really special. 

This creator-driven con allowed for ample time to walk the floor to talk to writers, animators, inkers, colorists, and even directors who purchased their own tables to showcase their wares. This cornucopia of creative people also populated panels that felt geared toward people wanting to break in.

Unlike other years, I never found myself lost in fandom. Instead, I found myself lost in my own imagination. I got to listen to people who inspired me to do better work, to think outside the box, and to collaborate with everyone I can to make great projects we all believe need to be on the screen. 

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Some panels we covered include: 

While Comic-Con was different this year, it was great to get back out into the world to be around fellow creatives. The whole time I felt this collective energy that everyone who was there wanted to do something cool with their passions. That kind of feeling had me up late writing my own ideas and engaging with people on many different levels. The pandemic took so much from us, but the community is the biggest tragedy. No matter how many Zooms or phone calls, nothing can replace being with fellow creatives and jamming on ideas.

Comic-Con Special Edition gave that back to us, and even if it was less crowded or dominated by big studios, it was a sign that the world will come back to "normal" and that we'll need art and people to help us heal. 

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