Making a film is no easy feat, and getting funding for the film is a different story in itself. Filmmakers have found new and creative ways to film their low-budget movies by using their iPhones. Most everyone these days has a smartphone—I mean, you’re probably using one right now! So why not take a simple everyday thing and use it to its full potential?

Unfortunately, you might be disappointed if you’re expecting a high-quality look from your iPhone. In Depth Cine recommends that you purchase a cheap DSLR camera if your budget allows for it. Cheap DSLR cameras can vary in price but are ultimately less expensive than buying the newest iPhone. 

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If you’re dead set on using your phone, then here is a great tip to have the best outcome: embrace the iPhone footage.

To be honest, the footage may not be as cinematic as you were hoping, but it still works. South African features shot on an iPhone like High Fantasy or Tangerine never hide the fact that they are filming on an iPhone. These films embrace the low dynamic range, exposure shifts, and wide lenses of the iPhone.

Jenna Bass and Sean Baker were able to create such great low-budget films because of how well they captured the sound and continuously styled the lighting throughout the film. 

Embracing the look of iPhone footage could be a new trend in filmmaking that evolves. As more young filmmakers experiment with filming on an iPhone, new ways of elevating the trend will come in time. Be brave and experiment with shooting your next project on your smartphone. Just remember to embrace the quality of the footage while elevating other parts of the filmmaking process that are in your control. 

Do you have any tips for filmmakers filming on an iPhone? Let us hear your encouraging advice in the comments below! 

Source: In Depth Cine