We've already looked at how easy it is to use Epidemic Sound on your own projects. And if you haven't already, remember to enter our short film contest. But if you're looking for inspiration, why don't we examine how one talented, internationally known creator uses these resources to improve their own content?

Epidemic Sound works with some of the world's top creators from YouTube and TikTok, as well as major brands and magazines.

One major creator is the Korean film director Kyungsik Kim, who goes by the handle kyung6film online. Kim is a video artist who crafts vlogs and cinematic travel videos. One of his most important tools for creating videos is the music, which he is using from Epidemic Sound

Watch his latest video for Epidemic Sound below!

Kim's footage is gorgeous, wonderfully shot, and expertly edited. But without music and sound, these would be little more than pretty images. Music and sound tie it all together and help elevate the footage as an emotional story.

Those crisp, well-chosen sound effects do a lot of work, too! Sound effects help immerse the viewer in the world alongside your characters.

You can check out more of Kim's work on YouTube or Instagram.

Try Epidemic Sound's Commercial Plan

Of course, you don't have to be an international star to use Epidemic Sound—they have plans that will work for everyone!

If you're a content creator with multiple social media platforms, a freelancer making content for others, or a small business, the Commercial Plan could be for you.

The Commercial Plan is for a creator working on commercial or business projects. It gets you high-quality music for all your freelance and in-house work.

The commercial subscription allows you to soundtrack content for your own business and clear content for clients. It covers unlimited use on online platforms including use on YouTube, websites, digital ads, and unlimited boosts on social media posts.

You have unlimited access to download and use Epidemic music and sound effects in your published content as well as the ability to sublicense and clear content for any of your clients. There are no limitations for use on digital ads and marketing on social media.

No matter your level, you can try Epidemic Sound for 30 days, free of charge! The trial allows you to download and publish as many tracks as you like for both videos or podcasts. If you cancel your subscription, the content you published when you had an active subscription will still be covered.

Kyungsik KimCredit: Kyungsik Kim

Who else uses Epidemic Sound?

Millions of creators, influencers, and corporate content creators turn to Epidemic Sound to fulfill their music needs.

Not only that, but the music is high quality. It includes over 160 genres produced and performed by professional world-class musicians, composers, and studio professionals. Music from Epidemic Sound gets hundreds of millions of streams per month.

They own all the rights to this music, so Epidemic Sound users never have to worry about copyright claims. The music is cleared for worldwide use, forever. 

Epidemic Sound wants to fuel creative freedom and support creators. They care about creators and their commercial success, so they offer content creators several ways of collaborating so the creator can be in the spotlight and inspire others through their work.

Epidemic Sound has also created a network for its community to fuel creative and commercial success. Everyone enjoys access to world-class music, and the process is as simple and easy as could be.

Enter the "At the End of the Tunnel" Short Film Contest

You still have time to win a great camera and access to all of Epidemic Sound's amazing assets! Head over to this post for all the details.