is a video review and collaboration platform for creatives and filmmakers. Today, version 3.6 is available along with a brand new application called Transfer, which is available for download in beta form. According to the company, the update focuses on speed and security, which includes a new watermark feature, an improved offline mode, smarter notifications, and better file sharing workflows. Transfer 

Transfer is available in beta for both Mac and Windows, and as the name implies, it allows users to download large files with a single click. The platform supports EDL and XML formats, and promises to "facilitate fast and secure downloads" no matter the connection type or if there's a disruption during the download. Transfer will automatically pause and then resume the file transfer once a connection is reestablished. 

The feature is a logical step for and a smart move as it gets them a step closer to being a one stop shop solution. No Film School uses to review videos, but uses a combination of DropBox, WeTransfer, and Google Drive to share large files. Transfer would essentially eliminate that need and place everything under one roof. 

The company is planning to launch the full version of the software later this year with more features. The beta version has been released early to help those working from home right now. 


Version 3.6

With version 3.6, has improved its security. Enterprise customers can now secure Presentation and Review Links using Login-only access. This means only specified recipients can view Share Links. It's similar to Google Drive sharing when you only allow certain email recipients access to a file.

What's disappointing is that the feature is only available for Enterprise. offers three different tiers of the platform  – Pro, Team, and Enterprise – each with a different price and feature set. If security is a concern, you'd think it would be available for its Pro and Team versions too. That said, all three do offer security sharing options. 


Version 3.6 also introduces a new Watermark ID feature that burns a personal identifier into every frame when a viewer presses play. Another big addition is that users can now add folders to Review Links. Any changes to the folder structure after it's been shared are automatically updated. The company says they also made it faster and easier to “Move-to” and “Copy-to” assets. 

The "At a Glance" feature now allows users to see all shared Presentations from one convenient list. On top of that, video notifications made during a short period of time will be grouped together. This is somewhat similar to Slack's Threads, but with video features. Users can filter them by "read" or "unread", see comment previews, or scrub asset thumbnails. also introduced an "Offline Mode" for iOS apps. To activate, tap the file to place it offline. After the app goes back online, comments are automatically synced. This feature is definitely handy when working without an internet connect, especially on an airplane. is available to try for free, and starts at $19/mo depending on the version. Find out more here