With NAB now just a couple of days away, it feels like a lot of the usual players—plus even some new ones—are starting to make their major announcements here early, rather than just waiting to unveil all their new updates and products at the conference in Vegas this weekend.

Frame.io is one of those brands sharing their big news early as we get to check out the latest iteration of their Frame.io platform with their beta Version 4 (V4). Let’s take a look at everything new coming to Frame.io, with a particular focus on some new capabilities including a dynamic metadata framework and a new collections smart folder system.

Frame.io Version 4 Beta

In a lengthy post from Frame.io founder Emery Wells, the Frame.io CEO shares a great deal of insight into where Frame.io started versus where the product is heading in the future. Since being acquired by Adobe back in 2021, Frame.io has become more and more a part of Adobe’s ecosystem, yet still retains its own brand developing new innovations on its own as well.

Here are some of the biggest new features and updates coming to Frame.io V4 Beta.

  • All-new capabilities including dynamic metadata framework and Collections smart folder system enable more workflows, richer, more expressive feedback, and tighter review loops
  • Frame.io V4 deepens support beyond video post-production including casting, location scouting, and footage reviews – as well as support for images, design, and PDF files, giving teams a standard platform for creative collaboration
  • For enterprises, new Frame.io integrations with Photoshop and Workfront further enable content production at scale.

And let’s focus on a few areas a bit deeper below.

New Panel System

Most notable perhaps to many is this new panel system which Frame.io has designed to help multi-taskers balance everything like viewing media, managing uploads, responding to feedback, and trying to get their creative work done all together.

With this new panel system, users will be able to orient their view to be the most efficient. You can expand all panels for a greater multitasking experience, or collapse them to focus on one task at a time.

In Frame.io V4 beta you’ll also be able to customize nearly everything about the way your media appears in Frame.io, including changing things like aspect ratios to editing asset card ratios, deciding which metadata fields are most important to display, and more.

Frame.io Version 4 beta offers a beautiful new and immersive experience.

Frame.io Version 4 beta offers a beautiful new and immersive experience.


Dynamic Metadata Framework

Another new feature of Frame.io V4 beta will be this new dynamic metadata framework which should help transform the way you interact with your assets in Frame.io. Instead of relying solely on a rigid folder structure, users will now be able to organize and view your media based on how you and their teamwork in a single, unified platform.

The current version of Frame.io only has four preconfigured status labels, however, with this new framework, users will have the ability to define and track your project in exactly the way you want to work. Plus you’ll be able to also add due dates or assign tasks to people, as well as add actor names, roles, ratings, and agent contacts if you’re working in other areas like casting.

Frame.io V4 beta gives you the power to assign custom statuses.

Frame.io V4 beta gives you the power to assign custom statuses.


Collections Smart Folder System

Frame.io has also unveiled a new smart folder system called Collections. These Collections are a flexible, saved view of your assets that will allow users to dynamically select, filter, group, and sort your media using the metadata of their choice.

You’ll also be able to update Collections in real-time, as well as organize (or reorganize) your files in different combinations without needing to make duplicates of your assets, which conserves storage space. And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to save a specific configuration of these metadata parameters.

Create Collections based on the tags you choose.

Create Collections based on the tags you choose.


How to Join the Beta

While Frame.io is announcing this V4 beta now, it’s not actually available to use just yet. Although, it looks like it should be rolled out here in stages throughout the year. If you’re a Pro plan member though you can join a waitlist here.

For everyone else, you can find out more info on Frame.io’s website.

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