Ah, what a time to be alive!

We’re all alive to be around for the artificial intelligence integration and eventual takeover of any and all creative industries, plus we get a digital audio interface which can convert any XLR microphone into USB. What wondrous times indeed…

Hopefully we’re just kidding about the full AI takeover part, but rest assured that until AI (only possibly) makes all of our jobs obsolete, we’re going to be able to handle our video and audio recording gigs much more easily thanks to some cool new innovations like the Shure MVX2U streaming adapter.

Let’s take a look at this new digital audio interface and explore how it can help streamline your workflows for all of your audio and video production needs.

The Shure MVX2U

Developed as a solution for those looking to choose between analog or USB microphones when on set or in the booth, the Shure MVX2U aims to provide the best of both worlds as a versatile solution for audio recording.

With a handy XLR 3-pin female to USB-C adapter plug that can turn any XLR-based microphone into a USB mic, the Shure MVX2U can easily drive most microphones with its 60 dB of gain—including Shure’s SM7B which this adapter is pretty much designed to service with a focus on recordists, musicians or any type of content creators.

The adapter also includes a USB-C output and a 3.5mm headphone jack for direct monitoring of your audio, alongside LED indicators that can let you know the status of your operation (which comes with automatic level adjustments right out of the box). You also get remote configuration controls over USB which you can access via the free MOTIV desktop app.

XLR Mic into USB

As a single-channel XLR to USB solution, the MVX2U should be a solid option for those looking to connect high-quality microphones directly to their computers or devices while also making use of the phantom power it provides.

Ideal of course for musicians and audio techs, the Shure MVX2U could find its way onto smaller sets for video production, live streaming, or video podcast features thanks to its high-quality audio and easy-to-use design.

The adapter is also outfitted with an onboard DSP which can be fully customized with the MOTIV app and should provide enough power gain even the bulkiest of microphones including the aforementioned Shure SM7B.

\u200bThe Shure MVX2U

The Shure MVX2U

Credit: Shure

Shure MVX2U MOTIV XLR to USB-C Streaming Adapter

Why choose between analog or USB microphones when you can have both with the MVX2U MOTIV XLR to USB Streaming Adapter from Shure, a handy XLR 3-pin female to USB-C adapter plug that turns any XLR-based microphone into a USB mic?