Here at No Film School, we’re all about making film and video production easier and less scary. While matte boxes aren’t a terrifying piece of film equipment themselves, they do add a bit of work (and bulk) to your production setups that can add burden to small or solo crew filmmaking.

So, it’s always cool to see new innovations in video gear that aim to streamline video production and remove the bulkier and trickier methodologies. In that vein, we’re excited to check out this new CineShade by Simmod Lens which aims to replace your matte with a simple-to-use lens shade cap.

Let’s take a look at the CineShade and its different sizes and uses to explore if it might be right for you.

Introducing the CineShade Lens Shade

Designed to work with Simmod Lens’ own 80mm CineRings (or really any other 80mm outside diameter cine lens or ring for that matter), these CineShades could ultimately replace matte boxes on productions big or small as an ultra-portable solution that can be used to mask all of that unwanted light from entering your lenses.

Plus, unlike traditional matte boxes which are bigger, heavier, and bulkier, these CineShades should be small and light enough to keep in your bag (or pocket) at all times and require significantly less setup time to add to your lenses.

These CineShades are set to launch as a set of three with each providing a different sized cut out to match the different focal lengths and aspect ratios which you might need on set.


Available in sets of three

Credit: Simmod Lens

Avoid Unsightly Lens Flares

While traditional Michael Bay wisdom might teach you that lens flares are the be-all-end-all of great cinematography, when you’re actually working with good glass and on a professional set, it’s probably best to limit lens flares to only the shots you want them to be on.

That’s really where these CineShades are going to shine, so to speak, as a great way to provide effective flare control that you’d usually use a matte box for. The CineShades are constructed out of an aluminum build with a knurled edge for a full 360-degree grip and fitted with a plastic insert to ensure a firm fit.

We also hear that the CineShade is designed to be used with Simmod Lens’ Aria series of diffusion filters and other filter types from the brand to further allow for additional control and matte box features. But again, without the bulky box itself.

Simmod Lens

Much smaller than a matte box

Credit: Simmod Lens

Price and Availability

At the end of the day, lens shades like this—while handy for sure—are going to be a decision left to you and your cinematographer. If you still prefer a traditional matte box that’s perfectly fine. But if you’d like to try out a new, easier solution, it’s great to know that there are innovations and options to help make your life easier.

A complete set of three 80mm CineShades can be found on Simmod Lens’ website for $89.