SIRUI has previously launched nine crowdfunding campaigns using Indiegogo to supply filmmakers with affordable gear. The company has had tons of success, with its anamorphic lenses becoming a big hit with creatives in search of a cinematic look.

But now, to diversify, the tripod and lens company is venturing further into lighting with the SIRUI C60 and C60B

What are your criteria for a solid light? What was the last one you purchased? You're going to want to find one that matches your creating style as well as the shoots you're working on. Let's check out these anticipated LED lights and see if they're a good fit for your production.

The Mobility and the Look

LED lights have given filmmakers more accessibility, and with it, more opportunities for creativity. With its new lights, SIRUI hopes to play up on that notion. Both the C60 and C60B were designed to be super portable and come in at around 116mm x 110mm for a super-compact form factor.  

Q1disr6ltm8md84xda2e_16x9Credit: Sirui

The light also has some very useful perks, including a quick-load battery box with no cable, a 120-degree tilting handheld grip, and a Bowens mount for further versatility. These features will help you achieve your desired look while not burdening you with size and wires.

However, you may have to purchase some extra attachments to reach both lights' full potential with the Bowens mount. 

The C60 offers a color temperature of 5600K while the C60B gives you a variable color temperature from 2800K to 7000K. They both also have 12 lighting effects built-in to simulate multiple lighting schemes. At 60W, don't expect these to create super-stylized looks, but they do project natural and rich tones to fill your scene.

Huxkxlbp9k370git9wob_16x9Credit: Sirui

Quiet Usability

One of the biggest features of these LEDs, if not the biggest, is their ultra-silent fan. 

Most LED brands have an output fan noise of 80dB, while the SIRUI ones come in as low as 20dB and won't exceed that. Need to place your light close to your actors? No problem! There are also two options when it comes to power, the dual battery carriage or straight from the wall via what looks like a DC port.

To play up even more on its ease of use, the lights also feature app control from your smartphone. You can control each light separately or in a group, with the ability to change its color temperature, effects, and brightness.

Gcuhovdh0blsltnove35_16x9Credit: Sirui

Should You Get It?

The Sirui C60 series seems like a direct response to the Aputure 60d. Both share the same form factor and output, but SIRUI's offering is about $70 cheaper. Is it a great light? Could be, at least for what it's capable of doing. But we'll reserve judgment until we can see some tests side by side. 

But overall, this light seems to offer a strong, versatile, and affordable solution for creatives. They pack a nice punch for the size, and for what it costs, you won't think twice about spending some extra money on accessories to achieve the gears' top cinematic output.

There is still over a week left in SIRUI's Indiegogo campaign, so you still have a chance to throw in. Do you think these lights are a good fit for you? Will you be purchasing? Let us know in the comments! 

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