As the world of remote video production continues to evolve, thanks to the endless possibilities of cloud syncing and real-time editing, one area that still hinders remote production to its core is power.

And trust us, on the biggest productions with the most sophisticated robotics and lighting at play, the power demands are through the roof. Thankfully, the same companies that are providing some of these high-end production elements are also hard at work coming up with solutions for power.

Sisu Cinematic Robots, a company specializing in robotic production tools, has unveiled their new mobile power Battery Box capable of powering a full remote production for over eight hours.

Let’s take a look at this new mobile power solution and explore how it might be helpful for your remote productions.

The Sisu Battery Box

As a fan of the 2022 historical action thriller Sisu, it’s hard for me to see the name Sisu without thinking of the over-the-top action flick, but rest assured, while Sisu Cinematic Robots doesn’t explore heads in the same way, they’re still a powerful force to be reckoned with.

With their latest creation, Sisu Cinematic Robots has unveiled their new Battery Box mobile power solution.

This Battery Box is, simply put, a rolling box filled with all the batteries and inputs that any crew would need to power their remote production. The box itself includes two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, three 230VAC 10 A 60Hz plugs, a pair of 400 VAC 20A 60Hz plugs, and plenty of other AC charging inputs and wall plugs.

The Battery Box is controllable by its LCD screen display that gives crews the ability to monitor and control everything going on inside the box—and where they’d like for the power to go. The LCD display also will display the remaining battery life in either percentages or estimated time remaining to allow crew managers to keep tabs and set schedules for your remotes.

Solving the Power Problems of Remote Productions

As mentioned above, there are so many new technologies out there that have opened up all of these new remote production possibilities. But for every camera-to-cloud setup out there, hosts of new issues pop up—most of which have to do with powering everything while out on location.

“Sisu’s Battery Box offers filmmakers unparalleled ease-of-use in the studio, eliminating the complexity of dealing with varying transformers, voltages, and plugs for each project. By simply plugging the battery box into wall power, the Battery Box can sustain a robot arm indefinitely while concurrently trickle-charging the batteries.” — Sisu Cinematic Robots

Weighing in at nearly 600 pounds, though, with measurements of 34.3 inches long by 21.1 inches wide by 39.5 inches tall, the Battery Box is indeed quite large. However, with a rolling cart design, the Battery Box should still be an easy-to-use solution that runs quiet (with less than a 25-decibel hum) and packs a punch with a 5,100 kWh capacity that can sustain 8,700kVA of continuous output.

\u200bSisu Battery Box ports

Sisu Battery Box ports

Sisu Cinematic Robots

Price and Availability

While just announced, Sisu Cinematic Robots has not yet released a price for its new Battery Box mobile power solution just yet. A release date has not been provided either, but be on the lookout as we’ll look to share those details as soon as they’re announced.