You know Martin McDonagh. He's the mind behind Three Billboards, Seven Psychopaths, and In Bruges. He's known for his exceptional dark comedies, amazing characters, and cutting dialogue. He honed his skills as a playwright and then ventured into this short film. It stars Brendan Gleeson and Rúaidhrí Conroy.

The short film earned several awards, including the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film. 

The story is simple. A doctor informs a man that his wife died that morning. He heads home on the train where he encounters a strange and psychotic young oddball. What happens next is completely unpredictable. 

Check out this short film from Searchlight Pictures, and let's talk after. 

Six Shooter by Martin McDonagh

How much fun is that short film? The spurts of violence and dark comedy are glimpses of this auteur filmmaker honing his craft and messaging.

One of the things I think stands out here is the dialogue. We get a sense from each character through their words. Are they reserved and calm? Are they manic? Are they mourning? The words aren't just musical, they're meaningful. Great dialogue is so hard to write, and here it really supports the story and plants and pays off what is about to come. 

What were your thoughts on the short film? Did you get enveloped in the story and characters? Did you love seeing everything pay off as deep as we went? 

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