The Slamdance Film Festival is happening right now, and you can check out all of the films at the festival this year right now on the new Slamdance Channel.

Like most streaming services, the Slamdance Channel offers you a monthly subscription (as well as a few other subscription-based plans) that help support the independent filmmakers whose films are on the platform. 

While there are discounts for students and those who are participating in the festival, Slamdance also wants to offer No Film School readers a discount code to help celebrate the importance of independent filmmaking. 

Slamdance values filmmakers everywhere and wants to give you the chance to celebrate indie films and filmmakers with a discounted rate for the festival pass and Slamdance Channel subscription.

You can get 50% off your purchase by using the code festivalfriends50.

To redeem this offer, head on over to the Slamdance Channel to register now. 

This offer is limited, so what are you waiting for? Use that discount code, and celebrate independent filmmaking from the comfort of your home or desk.